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The final (published) version of the Acts of Synod 2009 is available as a single PDF file here.
The Acts available in HTML format are an "Approved Draft", and contain spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and typos.
These draft acts are being retained online for convenience and ease of access. Quotes should not be taken from these draft acts.
Synod Legana 2009
Response by Reverend JGR Kroeze
Response to the address of Brother Paul Archbald, RCNZ
Wednesday 17th June 2009, Synod Legana, Tasmania, 2009 (Acts Article 35)

Brother Paul Archbald,

I have been asked by synod to respond to your address.
I do that gladly.
First we would like to welcome you not only as an individual, but also as a representative of the RCNZ.
We hope that after this synod you will still feel welcome as a brother among brothers in Christ.
Although our contact is limited, we do have pleasure in the contact we do have.

The contact between the FRCAs and RCNZ is of longstanding now.
We have gotten to know each other over the years and, although we have our differences, respect for each other has grown.
We have seen how you have maintained the truth over against the CRCA these many years.
You have seen how we have continued in our way to show that we want to remain faithful to the Lord of truth.
It is that recognition that continues to maintain the relationship we have even though the way we have traveled together has been rocky at times.
However, although it has limped along for many years now, we have progressed.
We have recognised you as true churches.
Nevertheless we have been unable to come to a sister church relation with you due to mainly one problem, you have a sister we haven't, who once was a sister of ours, but who maintained that broken relationship back in the 1950s in Australia. This separation has only grown in the intervening years. That relation of yours is a real impediment for us, even if that connection only comes into being for us via yourselves.

We were somewhat perturbed by the decision of your last synod when it could not accept the fact that this relation was a hindrance to sister church relations.
We were also somewhat shocked when we were told by your deputies that this relation would not be broken in the foreseeable future, for that said to us that there was not much reason for us to continue the attempt to move forwards in our relationship.
I went home from your synod with a heavy heart, believing that our relationship with you was about to go into cold storage for a while. The science of cyrogenics is poorly understood by us, but we have a God who is able to bring the dead back to life, and recent developments in your relationship with the CRCA have given me hope and perhaps we have seen our God blow life back into this dying relationship.

We hope and pray that when the time comes for you to return home that you will know that you have been among brothers, and that there is hope for our relationship for we both seek to base all our actions on the word of our God.

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