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The final (published) version of the Acts of Synod 2009 is available as a single PDF file here.
The Acts available in HTML format are an "Approved Draft", and contain spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and typos.
These draft acts are being retained online for convenience and ease of access. Quotes should not be taken from these draft acts.
Synod Legana 2009
Wednesday 24th June 2009 - Morning & Afternoon Sessions

Article 83 - Reopening

W Pleiter invites all present to sing Ps 146:1,2,3, reads Ps 146, and leads in prayer.

Article 84 - Adoption of the Acts

Articles 64-72 are amended and adopted by Synod.

Article 85 - Synod Treasury

I. Material:

12j - Report Deputies Synod Treasury

II. Proposal:

That Synod decides to:
  1. Accept the Synod Treasurer's Financial Report which comprises a Report, Statement of Receipts and Statement of Expenditure for 12 April 2006 to 31 March 2009.
  2. Accept the report of the Auditor for Synod Treasury, thank the Free Reformed Church of Kelmscott as Auditor and discharge them from their mandate.
  3. Suggest to the churches to put forward a proposal to amend the Rules for Synod to incorporate relevant aspects put forward by the Deputies for Synod Treasury in their proposed Synod Treasury Rules and Guidelines to Delegates and Deputies. A draft proposal for amendment is provided.
  4. Set the rate for reimbursement of motor vehicle travel at 41 cents per kilometer.
  5. Set the rate for reimbursement of loss of income at $195 per day.
  6. Adopt the 2009-2012 Budget as amended by Synod.
  7. Adopt the cost sharing arrangement for the churches as amended by Synod.
  8. Thank the Treasurer and the deputies for Synod Treasury for the work they have done, and discharge them from their mandate.

Article 86 - Convening Church for Next Synod

Synod appoints FRC Armadale as convening church for Synod 2012, to be held July 2012, DV.

Article 87 - Appeal Rev. Bosch Re Classis North 20 February 2009

Classis goes into closed session.

I. Material:

8ff - Appeal Rev Bosch Re Classis North

Appeal from Rev. C. Bosch re: the decision of Classis North (Feb. 20, 2009) that denied his request to 'as yet investigate and rectify what [he was] convinced was a miscarriage of justice.'

Classis North (Feb. 20, 2009) decided not to grant the request on the following grounds:
  1. The appellant has not shown that the family was judged rashly and unheard. Instead the ward elders did visit the family.
  2. Since the alleged miscarriage of justice took place more than 15 years ago, it is difficult to establish what happened.
  3. If injustice has been done, there does come a time when we must leave it in the hands of the Lord.
II. Proposal Re Admissibility:

Synod decide to declare this appeal as admissible on the following ground:
  1. it follows the process required in Article 31, Church Order.

Article 88 - Farewell of PCK Delegate

Synod goes into open session.

Prof. H-M Yoo gives a farewell address to Synod on behalf of the PCK. The chairman responds with words of appreciation for the relationship the FRCA enjoys with the PCK.

Article 89 - Appeal Rev. Bosch Re Classis North 20 February 2009

Synod goes into closed session.

I. Material:

8ff - Appeal Rev Bosch Re Classis North

II. Proposal:

Not to uphold the appeal in which Rev Bosch asks Synod to investigate and rectify what he is convinced was a miscarriage of justice, that "the family" was judged rashly and unheard by the Classis Church.

  1. There is no evidence presented that "the family" was judged rashly and unheard. At the time when this incident took place, it was customary that an appellant submit their appeal to the Classis Church. In this appeal, the appellant was required to thoroughly present its case. The Classis church was under no obligation to give the appellants a personal audience.
  2. It was also customary at that time for the consistory (whose action or decision was being appealed) to either send a delegation of elders to the Classis church to present its case, or to send a letter with the same intent. The consistory's presentation would be dealt with in closed session, which means that the appellant would not be privy to the consistory's presentation.
  3. It is not known how the original appellant further pursued the matter. Whilst Rev Bosch mentions a decision of the Second Appeal Church, he does not interact with this decision. Interaction with this decision is crucial in deciding whether justice was done.

Article 90 - Deputies for Synod venue and infrastructure Coodination

  1. To thank the Deputies and discharge them.
  2. To appoint new deputies with the mandate to:
    1. provide and operate an audiovisual system which includes the ability for delegates and audience to follow the discussion clearly;
    2. provide and maintain a computer system for delegates which includes but is not limited to:
      1. central data storage
      2. convenient printing capability;
      3. secure internal email facilities;
      4. data backup;
    3. liaise with convening committees and coordinate the audio-visual/computer matters of the Synod venue preparations;
    4. be present and able to assist at all Synod sessions;
    5. provide full computer and sound support;
    6. provide a general logistical support role during Synod for delegates.
  3. To make allowance on the budget for one deputy to attend the next Synod.

  1. Synod must be able to do its work smoothly through the provision of technical equipment that allows:
    1. delegates must be able to clearly understand each other;
    2. the audience to be able to follow the discussion;
    3. flexibility to expand as the number of delegates changes;
    4. a computer system that can service Synod with:
      1. email facilities
      2. central storage so that all delegates can access documents/reports they require;
      3. printing service to print documents and reports;
      4. central backup system.
  2. This role has been of great benefit in enhancing the smooth preparation and operation of Synod.

Article 91 - Appointments

General Secretary Deputy
JL VanBurgel
Assistant General Secretary: J (Jack) den Boer

The duties of the general secretary deputy are to:
  • take care of the central post office box
  • distribute the mail
  • be responsible for the website of the FRCA
  • acknowledge correspondence not applicable to deputies, and if necessary to pass it
  • collate all deputies reports (apart from that of the Treasurer) and have them printed in a bound format similar to that for the Acts. Deputies reports are to be submitted in an appropriate format six months prior to the next Synod so that they can be printed and distributed to the churches as per the Rules of Synod.
Deputies for Relations with Churches Abroad
Rev PKA de Boer
W Pleiter
W Spyker
W Vanderven
Rev A Veldman (convenor)
GB Veenendaal

alternate: Rev C Vermeulen

Rev JGR Kroeze
JL VanBurgel (convenor)

alternate: Rev R Eikelboom

B Bosveld
E Heerema
H Swarts
Rev A van Delden
Rev W van der Jagt (convenor)

alternate: P van Dyke

Rev JGR Kroeze (convenor)
Rev R Eikelboom

alternate: J (John) Wielstra

Australian Book of Praise
Rev J Smith (convenor)
A (Aart) Plug
H (Hans) Schoof
A (Andrew) Vermeulen

Training for the Ministry
M Hoogerdijk
Rev E Rupke (convenor)
J (Jim) van der Plas

alternate: B (Bruce) Huizinga

Deputies for Indexing Synod Decisions
J (Jelte) Numan (convenor)
Rev R Eikelboom

Nominating Authorities
T (Tim) Houweling (convenor)
H Faas

Deputies for Synod Venue and Infrastructure
E (Eric) 't Hart
A (Alan) van der Wal

Deputies re Art 48&76 of the Church Order
Rev PKA de Boer (Classis North)
Rev A Veldman (Classis North)
Rev W van der Jagt (Classis South)
Rev A van Delden (Classis South)

alternates: Rev E Rupke, Rev J Smith

E Eikelboom

alternate: D Bonker

Website Assistant
D Veltkamp

Deputies for Article 66 of the Church Order (Days of Prayer)
The Church of Launceston

Deputies for auditing the books for Deputies for Articles 17 and 18 of the Church Order
The Church of Mount Nasura

Archives and Library of Synods
The Church of Mount Nasura

Inspection of Archives and Library
The Church of Byford

Auditors for Synod Treasury
The Church of Kelmscott


Article 92 - Censure according to Article 47 Church Order

The chairman states that there is no need for censure in this sitting of Synod.

Article 93 - Personal Questions

No one has any questions.

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