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The final (published) version of the Acts of Synod 2009 is available as a single PDF file here.
The Acts available in HTML format are an "Approved Draft", and contain spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and typos.
These draft acts are being retained online for convenience and ease of access. Quotes should not be taken from these draft acts.
Synod Legana 2009
Friday 19th June 2009 - Evening Session

Article 54 - Reopening

The chairman invites all to sing Ps 9:1,4,5,6.

Article 55 - Response to Presbyterian Church of Korea

B Veenendaal responds to the address of Prof. Yoo of the PCK (refer Appendix 1g; address).

Article 56 - Press Release

The press release is presented by the vice chairman and adopted by Synod.

Article 57 - Indonesia and the Philippines

W Geurts reads out a letter of greeting from Rev Yonson Dethan on behalf of the GGRC.

I. Material:

12c - Report of Deputies for Relations with Sister Churches - Indonesia

II. Recommendations of Deputies regarding the GGRI:

To appoint deputies with the following mandate:
  1. To continue sister relations with the GGRI in accordance with the adopted rules;
  2. To continue to visit the synods and conferences of the GGRI subject to available finance;
  3. To support the GGRI in a well-considered and responsible way with the intention of building up the reformed character of these churches;
  4. To support the plans to establish a Theological Seminary in Sumba and make funds available for this cause. In light of the importance for the GGRI to maintain their own college to thoroughly train their ministers, deputies should encourage and work with the Dutch sister churches in this matter as much as possible. Also, to offer additional support of the FRCA deputies in the monumental task of upgrading both the educational level and the buildings of the theological college.
  5. To financially support two students/ministers to come to Australia during the inter-synodical period to study English and to familiarize themselves with the Australian churches for three months subject to a financial arrangements with the Dutch deputies and subject to available funding from the churches.
  6. To provide limited support to ensure that effective communication continues.
  7. To monitor and report developments on the unity of GGRI with the GGRC. Where possible, to encourage these churches to achieve federal unity with the GGRC.
  8. To keep in contact and share information with deputies of our Canadian sister churches regarding the Indonesian churches.
  9. To encourage the churches and their members to provide the means of support for the activities of deputies 4,5,6,7 above.

III. Recommendations of Deputies regarding the GGRC:

To appoint deputies with the following mandate
  1. To continue contact with the GGRC, and assess whether the GGRC still desires and values continued contact with the FRCA, and whether there is still value for the FRCA to have contact with the GGRC.
  2. To continue to visit the synods of the GGRC subject to available finance.
  3. To encourage the GGRC to work towards federal unity with the GGRI, especially in view of the anticipated unification of the three federations of the GGRI. Also, to monitor and report on developments regarding developments in this area.
  4. To encourage the churches and their members to provide the means of support for the activities of deputies as mentioned in 2 above.

IV. Recommendations of Deputies regarding the Reformed Free Churches of the Philippines and the Free Reformed Churches of the Philippines:
  1. Synod West Kelmscott decided "to discontinue attempts to contact both Reformed Churches of the Philippines; and to maintain deputies as an address so that if these churches are still interested in contact they can contact deputies." Deputies have not received any communications from these churches. Therefore deputies recommend that this item be deleted from the mandate given to the new deputies.

V. Proposal:

To thank deputies for their work and discharge them.


Article 58 - Reformed Churches of New Zealand

I. Material:

8f - FRC Darling Downs Overture re Art 102 Acts Synod 2006 re RCNZ
8h - FRC Mt Nasura Overture re RCNZ
8j - FRC Kelmscott Appeal Art 102 Synod 2006 re RCNZ
8r - FRC Darling Downs Overture re Deputies for Reformed Churches of NZ report
8y - FRC Byford Overture re Deputies reports RCNZ, RCN and RCNr
12d - Report of Deputies: Relations Reformed Churches of New Zealand

Synod held a general round of discussion on the RCNZ.

Article 59 - Adjournment

B Veenendaal invites all present to sing Ps 147:1,4 and leads in prayer. The chairman adjourns the meeting.

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