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The final (published) version of the Acts of Synod 2009 is available as a single PDF file here.
The Acts available in HTML format are an "Approved Draft", and contain spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and typos.
These draft acts are being retained online for convenience and ease of access. Quotes should not be taken from these draft acts.
Synod Legana 2009
Friday 19th June 2009 - Morning & Afternoon Sessions

Article 48 - Reopening

W Spyker invites all present to sing Ps 98:1,4, reads Psalm 98, and leads in prayer.

Article 49 - Adoption of Acts

Articles 28-37 of the Acts are amended and adopted.

Article 50 - Reformed Churches of the Netherlands

I. Material:

8k - FRC Kelmscott Appeal Art 93 & 94 Synod 2006 re RCN

II. Proposal:

Synod decides not to accede to the appeal against Article 94.II of Synod West Kelmscott 2006 re Divorce and Remarriage.

  1. Synod West Kelmscott 2006 stated that Synod Amersfoort gave no explicit guidance (to prevent allowance for divorce for other reasons). Kelmscott argues that Synod Amersfoort gave explicit guidance for allowing divorce for other reasons. They base this on phrases such as 'following Christ' (navolging van Christus), 'a lifestyle justifying the coming kingdom' (een levensstijl die recht doet aan het komende koninkrijk), and 'the style of the kingdom' (stijl van het koninkrijk). While these phrases might give implicit evidence that Synod Amersfoort (Art 57, Decision 1 and Grounds a, b and c.) gives room for the new hermeneutics and Christian ethics and leaves room for divorce for other reasons, Kelmscott does not show that Synod West Kelmscott 2006 was incorrect in stating that Synod Amersfoort did not give explicit guidance to prevent divorce for other reasons" (which Synod West Kelmscott 2006 found regrettable).

Article 51 - Reformed Churches of the Netherlands

I. Material:

8k - FRC Kelmscott Appeal Art 93 & 94 Synod 2006 re RCN

II. Appeal:

Kelmscott appeals to Synod to revise what is recorded in the 2006 Acts Articles 93 and 94 and related material as follows:

To continue sister-church relations with the RCN

To use the adopted rules for sister church relations to:
  1. advise the RCN that the FRCA observes clear evidence with the RCN of unfaithfulness to the Word of God, their Reformed Confessions and the Church Order;
  2. admonish the RCN for their deviations and to warn them that unless they change and again uphold the truth and completeness of God's Word, the Reformed confessions and their adopted Church Order, the FRCA will not be able to continue a sister-church relationship as we did in the past.
  1. The RCN give evidence of unfaithfulness to the Word of God, the Reformed Confessions and their Church Order.
  2. Other grounds as set out in this appeal regarding the Day of Rest, divorce and re-marriage, sacraments in military situations and subjective inclinations.
III. Proposal:

To deny the request for revision of Article 94 of Synod 2006.

  1. The FRC Kelmscott does not appeal the decision under Article 94 (VI, decision 1), being to continue sister-relations with the RCN, but rather appeals Ground (a) which states that "The RCN give evidence of continuing faithfulness to the Word of God, their Reformed Confessions and the Church Order".
  2. Synod 2006 correctly dealt with the concerns regarding matters of the 4th commandment and Sunday, divorce and remarriage, sacraments in military situations and the manner in which Scripture and the commandments are interpreted and applied in today's circumstances. To this extent Synod 2006 recognised that we do have causes of concern regarding directions of unfaithfulness.
  3. This concern regarding directions of unfaithfulness does not mean that Synod could not also acknowledge the fact that there was "evidence of continuing faithfulness" (see for example the letters to the 7 churches in Revelation 2 & 3).

Article 52 - Reformed Churches in the Netherlands

I. Material:

8i - FRC Mt Nasura Overture Art 95 Synod 2006 re RCN
8q - FRC Darling Downs Overture re Deputies for Reformed Churches in the Netherlands report
8y - FRC Byford Overture re Deputies reports RCNZ, RCN and RCN(r)
12b.v - General Report on Netherlands
- majority recommendations
- minority recommendations
- deputies on minority recommendations
12b.v.1 - Letter from BBK
12b.v.2 - Letter to BBK
12b.viii - General Report on visit to RCN

II. Proposal:

To take a comprehensive approach with regards to this Synod’s decision about the sister church relationship with the RCN, instead of dealing separately and in detail with every agenda item relating to this sister church relationship.

  1. Most of the submissions express concern about the same synod decisions taken by the RCN.
  2. Many of the decisions mentioned in ground 1 have come to a conclusion within the RCN. It is therefore difficult to discuss them again in detail with the deputies of our sister churches
  3. A comprehensive approach is further justified by the fact that most of these decisions appear to have a common denominator, namely a particular way of interpreting Scripture. This way of interpretation takes its starting point in man, rather than in God’s Word, and it may be the result of the influence of a post-modern ‘spirit of the age’ in the church.
  4. Furthermore, from information available on internet websites, reports from visitors to the RCN, local church bulletins and others, it appears that some local churches show signs of independentism. It appears that decisions of General Synod are not adhered to and that local churches do not exercise mutual discipline.
  5. Even though the various submissions mention a number of specific points of concern, the major concerns are the changes in interpretation of the Bible mentioned in ground 3, and the signs of independentism mentioned in ground 4.

Amended in Article 71.

Article 53 - Committee Appointments

Synod appoints Committee 1 to prepare a proposal re RCN, Committee 2 to prepare a proposal re RCNZ, Committee 3 for the recommendations of the synod treasurer, Committee 4 for the appeal of Rev. Bosch.

Committee 1 - Rev Eikelboom, W Geurts, Rev Kroeze, P Postuma, H Swarts
Committee 2 - Rev Rupke, W Spyker, D Veltkamp
Committee 3 - R Heerema, B Veenendaal, Rev de Boer
Committee 4 - W Pleiter, Rev Vermeulen

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