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The final (published) version of the Acts of Synod 2006 is available as a single PDF file here.
The Acts available in HTML format are an "Approved Draft", and contain spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and typos.
These draft acts are being retained online for convenience and ease of access. Quotes should not be taken from these draft acts.
Letter from Gereja-Gereja Reformasi Calvinis (GGRC) churches in Indonesia

Tuesday 18th July 2006, Synod West Kelmscott, Western Australia, 2006 (Acts Article 96)

Acta Notary N0: 2
Registered in the Pengadilan Negeri Kupang No: 1/AN/AD/Lgs/2003
Jln. Timor Raya Km. 14,5 Noelbaki Kupang - NTT - Indonesia 85361
Telp: 0380 829172/8080324; E.mail.

To the Synod of the Free Reformed Churches of Australia (FRCA)

Kupang, July 11, 2006

Dear Esteemed Brothers:

On behalf of our federation the GGRC in NTT, we would like to thank you for your invitation to attend your General Synod. We wish that we could come to see you and be with you in the Synod but since we do not have enough funds for that purpose we just send this letter of greetings to you.

We wish you all a blessed and productive Synod for the sake of God's people. We pray that our Awesome, Amazing, and Almighty God, our Triune God, will be with you and bless you in this pivotal meeting.

We thank you for the cooperation, contact and communication that we have had so far. We thank you for helping the GGRC in facing the problems with Rev. Eli Fangidae. We thank you for your help through the Mission Aid. We thank you for your help for the schools in GGRC, specifically through the work of COL (Children of Light). Although this work has now shifted to Sumba and the GGRI, we must express our thanks for what was done up until now. So many kids could come to school and have a better education through this agency which was mostly run and organized by your youth.

We thank you for so much advice and attention in the years before when we were facing many struggles. We feel that the Lord allowed those struggles to help us develop and grow as a Reformed Church as it is mentioned in Phillipians 1:29 & 30: "For it has been granted to you on behalf of Christ not only to believe on Him but also to suffer for Him, since you are going through the same struggles you saw I had and now hear that I still have."(NIV)

We thank you for always coming and attending our Synods up until the last ones, in Bolok (2002) and in Tarus (2004). You always gave us so much wise, biblical advice in our Synods. Even though you are not our sister church yet, we feel that you have done to us just like a sister church should do and even more. You are not our sister church yet but you are always there and ready to help. Once again thanks so much for that.

We remember in our last synod in the year 2004 in Tarus, even though you were intimidated by some evil people who tried to do some bad things in the airport to your deputies (Rev. Van der Jagt, Br. John Bosveld and Br. Brian Bosveld) you were still brave to come and help us. We were talking about it and then your deputies told us that they should not think about themselves but about God's kingdom. That was so wonderful to hear. You might remember that at that time when we as the Synod of GGRC needed so much advice and support you were there. Both of our sister churches the GGRI and the Liberated Reformed Churches in the Netherlands did not attend our Synod but you did. GGRI sent a letter of greetings to our Synod while the Liberated Reformed Churches in the Netherlands did not send any letter of greetings or attend our Synod even though they were here in Kupang at that time (to which your deputies were witnesses of). We thank the Lord for your wisdom and willingness to help us.

Since your deputies were at our Synod in Bolok (2002), we would like to ask you to please also explain to the GGRI, NTT and the Liberated Reformed Churches in the Netherlands that our Synod in Bolok in the year 2002 was a legal Synod and not an illegal synod as we were accused by Rev. Fangidae in court. You know that was a denial of the true fact. You may still remember that Rev. Fangidae and Br. Lody Mone personally attended that Synod of 2002 in Bolok. Rev. Mada Biha as the deputy of GGRI, NTT was also present at that Synod in Bolok. Only the brothers from the Liberated Reformed Churches in the Netherlands were not present, but only sent a letter of greetings. We mention this matter here for we know that the GGRI, NTT and the brothers from the Liberated Reformed Churches in the Netherlands will be at your Synod as well. You also know that in our last synod in the year 2004 in Tarus, you through br. John Bosveld and Rev. Van Der Jagt and Br. Brian Bosveld encouraged us to invite Rev.Fangidae and his elders from the Galilea church to come to our Synod. He and his elders did not come to our synod but instead, decided to established a different federation named "Gereja-Gereja Refomasi Musyafir", even though they only have one local church with not more than 100 members. They have women in office and have two other ministers who were not coming from reformed background but were ordained without any examinations by classis or synod deputies.

We were happy to hear through Rev. Van der Jagt and Br. J. Bosveld about two years ago that you now see us as a true church of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We should let you know that as federation the Lord has blessed us in so many areas of our church life. We have many more mission posts in Rote, Sabu and Timor islands. We even now have one more mission post in the city of Kupang beside the Oeba market. We also have two new established Churches in Kupang and two other mission posts in the Kupang Region.

We also now have 6 schools for our students. We have two schools in East Rote (both kindergartens) and 4 schools in Kupang (one kindergarten, one elementary school, one Junior High and one Senior High plus life skills training). All of these schools are being helped by COL Canada, some personal help, and some donations from the people in Timor.

Adding to that we also now have theological training called IRTS (Indonesian Reformed Theological Seminar) which is being supported by "Immanuel" Canadian Reformed Church in Alberta, Canada. Through this IRTS we are training the leaders and future leaders of the church to be more qualified.

Please pray for us in facing the difficulties and struggles that the Lord allows to happen. In facing all these difficulties we see them as lessons of faith of our Lord to teach us to grow more and more in fear of Him and obey His commandments. Some people may see our struggles as an unstable condition but we think that is wrong for we are not unstable. The Lord allows all these things to happen in order to make us stable to make us stay reformed. We are happy that through these difficulties we can become more and more a reformed church, on the basis of the scriptures and the confessions.

Through this letter we do not want to push you and beg you to be our sister church as before. We give it to your wisdom. For we already feel a communion of sister church relationship with you. We are so happy for the deeper connection and relationship we may have with you. We only ask that you would keep the contact, connection, communication, and cooperation. May the Lord our Triune God bless our relationship and help us that we may be able to help each other for His name's sake and for the up- building of His people.

On behalf of the GGRC

Deputies for the relationship with the churches abroad,

Rev. Y.G. Dethan (Chairman)
Elder Y. Adu (Secretary)

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