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The final (published) version of the Acts of Synod 2006 is available as a single PDF file here.
The Acts available in HTML format are an "Approved Draft", and contain spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and typos.
These draft acts are being retained online for convenience and ease of access. Quotes should not be taken from these draft acts.
Response by Brother B Bosveld
Response to the address of Umbu Hapu Pariamalinya
Thursday 13th July 2006, Synod West Kelmscott, Western Australia, 2006 (Acts Article 52)

I have the privilege on behalf of the deputies to give a response to the greetings from the GGRI, and I like to first of all express our thanks to Rev Pariamalinya for addressing this synod, and for being brave enough to do this in English.

As was evidence from his speech, the time he is spending in our midst is helping him with the English language.

The purpose of his visit to Australia is two fold, one is to learn the English language and secondly to experience our church life. For this reason he has also joined in with some of the catechism classes and had some further instruction.

As you have mentioned in your address over the years our sister church relationship has grown stronger. Over the past three years we have been able to visit a number of your synods, and one conference. We have been able to report that the GGRI churches want to serve the Lord in obedience to His Word.

We often remember the Indonesian churches in our prayers, and it is our prayer that you also remember us in your prayer. We all need the blessing of the Lord to remain a light in this world. Satan is doing his best to draw God's faithful churches to live in disobedience to God's word.

For this reason it is good that we can be there for each other.

In your address you also made a plea to the FRC of Australia to give support by prayer and also financially for the Theological College.

As Australian churches we recognise the importance of our sister churches in Indonesia having their own Theological College. It is for this reason that we supported the studies of brother Pila Njuka to Hamilton, who is now a minister called to work at the new College.

We have also included some funds on the budget these last few years in anticipation that our sister churches in Indonesia will again open the Theological College.

Supporting this work is not a burden but a blessing for us as churches, even if it means we may need to make some sacrifices, as the bible says in Acts 20:35: It is more blessed to give than to receive.

For us as deputies we have been looking forward to the day when the Theological College will open again. The Lord willing I will be in Indonesia at that time, so I have been asked on behalf of the deputies to pass on our greetings.

This synod will need to again appoint deputies for this work or re appoint deputies for this work. I have been working in the Indonesian deputies for only a three year period. The last synod decided not to reappoint me to the New Zealand deputies but instead appointed me to the Indonesian deputies. At first I was disappointed because I was in the New Zealand deputyship for only 3 years.

When I look back on the last 3 years I am thankful for this change. We have had a very good relationship together with our sister churches of Indonesia, they are a real family to me. I have also studied the Indonesian Language for 3 years and am able to communicate with them in their own language.

So when I address the opening of the Theological College on the 1st of August, I hope that I will be able to do that not just on behalf of the deputies, but also as a deputy. I'm not lobbying; just drawing your attention to a few things.

As a member of the Rockingham congregation and the mission committee, we have been able to support the mission projects of 2 different congregations, and as you mentioned we have a very good working relationship with these 2 consistories.

Rev Pariamalinya, as you mentioned in your address, a big temptation and a struggle for the churches is to remain reformed and not become puriform in your thinking and actions.

Up to now the GGRI have not joined the new movement call the PGI, and it is our prayer that the GGRI continue to remain faithful to God's word and only seek unity where there is true unity of Faith.

May God the King of the Church continue to protect and defend His Church as He has promised and bless our Indonesian sisters with faithfulness, that they continue to seek shelter under His wings.


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