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The final (published) version of the Acts of Synod 2006 is available as a single PDF file here.
The Acts available in HTML format are an "Approved Draft", and contain spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and typos.
These draft acts are being retained online for convenience and ease of access. Quotes should not be taken from these draft acts.
Response by Brother M Bruning
Response to the address of Rev Jun, Tae
Wednesday 12th July 2006, Synod West Kelmscott, Western Australia, 2006 (Acts Article 39)

Dear Delegates of Synod, Visiting delegates, brothers and sisters,

Pastor Jun, Professor Yoo, (Mr Chairman, did I get the names right?)

Pastor Jun, Professor Yoo, It is my pleasure to respond to your address to our Synod.

Firstly thank you for your introduction to your churches in Korea, the PCK and its history and struggles. In our country we have been blessed with no physical persecution, and have our church history founded on a reformation that is now centuries old and centuries free of such persecution your people had to endure, so recently as the 1940's.

To see your Church grow to over 1500 congregations and over 400,000 members in the 60 years since establishing the Korean Theological Seminary as one of the first acts after Church institution, is an amazing Blessing, and gives us something to ponder when we are only just now considering a Theological College!

You have, on the other hand, seen our Christian Colleges, which our parents set up in the form of a school association to educate our children, also an event done very soon after establishing our Churches here some 55 years ago!

Perhaps, we can learn from each other on these matters.

Pastor Jun, Professor Yoo, as you know, and as you alluded to in your address, the FRCA has had on its agenda the question of terminating relations. As pointed out by you, the relations were not actively exercised, there were reasons why this was so, for which you expressed sorrow. We accept those apologies with your promise of your determination to strengthen the relationship and fellowship. This will come with responsibilities from both of us. Obviously the Synod still needs to discuss the reports of Deputies and decide on that, and future deputies need to work within the mandate it will give to Deputies.

One thing that is of great benefit for the improved contact on your side was the appointment of Professor Yoo to the Fraternal Relations Committee, and it is our suggestion that the current Chairman, Pastor Jun and Professor Yoo continue in their respective positions for years to come as your understanding of us, your language Professor Yoo (confirmed by your first English sermons delivered last Sunday!) and your knowledge of and support for the Reformed Tradition are a good basis for working together.

One decision already agreed at this Synod is to have our deputies for "Training of the Ministry" to include your Theological Seminary in its source list for information and contact. So, Professor Yoo, be prepared!

Of interest is the Missionary Training Institute (MTI), you mentioned. We saw a photo of it last Thursday night, and having visited the institute on my visit I can give a small impression of that to any of our members, but I'm sure with the mission work done by the FRCA in PNG and other countries and your neighbouring country China, there could be questions relating to your work in the MTI too.

Pastor Jun, Professor Yoo, having now been in our country, our homes, Churches and attending our Synod, and I having been in your country to enjoy culture, attended your Church and seen your G.A. in action, I sense that there is still quite a lot yet to learn about and from each other.

It is our desire that we will have the time and right motivation for this and that the years to come may be beneficial, not for personal sakes, but for the furtherance of the King who rules over this His world, His dominion.

Pastor Jun, you arrived here yesterday morning, and by the Grace of God, you were not affected by the Typhoon, to arrive here safely despite the closure of the domestic flights soon after your flight. We hear that there were 10 or more deaths, and your area of Pusan damaged badly by this storm. It is our prayer that your family and extended family are safe and that also the peoples of your country may be moved to stand in awe of the power of the creation of our God.

Tonight already you leave us for travel to Sydney and N.Z. We wish you safe travelling mercies, and a safe return home next week. Please pass on our greetings in the name of the Lord to your loved ones and as Chairman of the Fraternal Relations Committee to your Churches.

Professor Yoo, you will stay on with us today till Monday, and we thank you in advance for your willingness to also preach this Sunday. Your Canadian Sister Church delegates arriving tomorrow also wish to speak to you.

Mr Chairman, in conclusion, I'd like to thank the Korean delegates for their visit to us these days. For Professor Yoo, the time was not a major issue, being on 12 months sabbatical he managed 2 weeks on my insistence; for Pastor Jun, he obviously is doing some of Professor Yoo's work back home as he is here barely 1 full day.

Pastor Jun, Professor Yoo, Thank you again for being in our midst, and please take home to your Churches our warmest greetings.

We pray for the blessing of our Creator and upholder of all things,

The God of all grace be with all who confess him as the Triune God.

Thank you.

Maurice Bruning

On behalf of Deputies/ Synod of the FRCA 2006.

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