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The final (published) version of the Acts of Synod 2006 is available as a single PDF file here.
The Acts available in HTML format are an "Approved Draft", and contain spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and typos.
These draft acts are being retained online for convenience and ease of access. Quotes should not be taken from these draft acts.
Thursday 20th July 2006 - Afternoon Session

Article 120 - Closed Session Acts and Press Release

Acts of closed sessions will remain in Closed Acts.


The second Press Release of synod is adopted.

Article 121 - Appointment of Deputies

I. Material:

Agenda Item 15
Agenda Item 12 f(iv) - Deputies relations for sister churches - supplementary report

In Closed Session the Executive proposes nominations for synod appointments. Synod decides on the following appointments.

Publication of the Acts

First Clerk

General Secretary Deputy

JL VanBurgel

The duties of the general secretary deputy are:
  • to take care of the central post office box;

  • to distribute the mail;

  • to be responsible for the website of the FRCA; and

  • to acknowledge correspondence not applicable to deputies, and if necessary to pass it on to the churches

  • collate all (apart from that of the Treasurer) deputies reports and have them printed in a bound format similar to that for the Acts. Deputies reports are to be submitted in an appropriate format 6 months prior to the next synod so that they can be printed and distributed to the churches as per the Rules of Synod.
Deputies for Relations with Other Churches

Sister Churches - Canada, The Netherlands, Korea, South Africa (Refer Article ...)

Rev W Huizinga (Convener)
A Breen
AMC Bruning
Rev PKA DeBoer
GB Veenendaal
Rev A Veldman
Alternate: J Bruning (sr)

Other Churches (Reformed) - Reformed Churches of New Zealand (Refer Article ...)

Rev J Poppe (Convener)
JL VanBurgel
Alternate: A Plug

Indonesia (Refer Article ...)

Rev W VanderJagt (Convener)
B Bosveld
J(ohn) Bosveld
W Guerts
Rev A VanDelden
Alternate: P VanDyke

Deputies for Australian Book of Praise (Refer Article .....)

Rev J Smith (Convener)
W Amoraal
E Swarts

Deputies for Training for the Ministry (Refer Article ...)

Rev E Rupke (Convener)
H Faas
R Heerema
M(urray) Plug
Rev J Poppe

Deputy for Indexing of Synod Decisions (Refer Article ..... )

J Numan (convenor)
W VanderVen

Nominating Authorities of the Free Reformed Churches of Australia (Refer Article ...)

T Houweling
W Spyker (Primary Responsibility)

Deputies for Synod Venue and Infrastructure Coordination

E 't Hart
A van der Wal

Deputies for Article 48 and 76 of the Church Order

For Classis South:
Rev PKA DeBoer
Rev A Veldman
Alternate: Rev J Kroeze

For Classis North:
Rev W Huizinga
Rev W VanderJagt
Alternate: Rev A VanDelden

Deputies for Article 66 of the Church Order - (Days of Prayer)

The Church of Launceston

Deputies for auditing the books for Deputies for Article 17 and 18 of the Church Order

The Church of Mount Nasura

Archives and Library of Synods

The Church of Mount Nasura

Inspection of Archives and Library

The Church of Byford

Deputies for Synod Treasury

E Eikelboom (Treasurer)
A Hordyk
C VanDyk

Auditors for Synod Treasury

The Church of Kelmscott

Convening church for the next Synod in 2009

The Church at Legana
June 2009

Article 122 - Personal questions

No one has any questions

Article 123 - Censure according to Article 47 CO

The Chairman states that there is no need for censure in this sitting of Synod.

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