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Synod West Kelmscott 2006 Information

Synod West Kelmscott 2006 was convened on Monday 10th of July, 2006, and was closed on the evening of Thursday 21st July, 2006.

Final Version of Acts of Synod
The final (published) version of the Acts of Synod is available as a single 3.4MB PDF file:
Draft Acts of Synod
The draft Acts of Synod are still available on the web in HTML format.

Photos of the delegates are shown below.
all delegates
all delegates
Australian delegates
Australian delegates
moderamen (left to right):
Elder G B Veenendaal (First Clerk)
Rev P K A DeBoer (Second Clerk)
Rev A Veldman (Chairman)
Rev A VanDelden (Vice Chairman)
Korean delegates
Korean delegates (left to right):
Rev Jun, Tae, Prof Yoo, Hae-Moo
Indonesian delegate
Indonesian delegate:
Rev Yan Pariamalinya

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