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Synod Information

Synod Bunbury 2018 was convened on Monday 18th June 2018 in the Free Reformed Church of Southern River, and was closed on Tuesday evening 26th June 2018.

Synod Baldivis 2015 was convened on Monday 22nd June 2015, and was closed on Wednesday evening 1st July 2015.

Synod 2012 was convened on Monday evening 9th July 2012, and was adjourned on Thursday evening 19th July 2012. Synod was re-convened on Monday evening 22nd April 2013, and then closed on Wednesday afternoon 24th April 2013.

Synod Legana 2009 was convened on the evening of Monday 15th June 2009, and was closed on the evening of Wednesday 24th June 2009.

Synod West Kelmscott 2006 was convened on Monday 10th July 2006, and was closed on the evening of 21st Thursday July 2006.

Synod Rockingham 2003 was convened on July 7th, 2003, and closed on the evening of Wednesday 16th July 2003.

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last updated 26 Jun 2018
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